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A Coloring on Fabric Tutorial

A Coloring on Fabric Tutorial The Adventures on the Sea Keepsake Coloring Book #12565 is a fun embroidery project of a storybook created with linework designs for children to color themselves. During the creation of the book, we researched and test

How to Create Embroidery Wrapped Canvas

Have a blank wall in your home or office? Show off your embroidery with one of our favorite types of embroidery projects -- a wrapped canvas. The process is very simple, and you can make the finished product as elaborate as you like. 1. Start with a

Tips on Tiling Scenes

Embroidering and stitching together a tiling scene is a simple process with these time-saving tips. At OESD, our tiling scenes feature two different looks. Some are only embroidery stitches, while others use the appliqué technique for components of t

Freestanding Applique Tutorial

Building a Freestanding Appliqué project is easy to learn, and this tutorial will show you how. Some of OESD’s freestanding embroidery collections are lace, some are appliqué, and some are a combination of both. First let’s learn the difference betwe

Trim in Place Applique Tutorial

Trim in Place Appliqué is – as it sounds – trimming appliqué as you embroider the separate pieces while leaving the appliqué in the hoop. This is different from pre-cut appliqué where the appliqué shape is cut out in advance, and the embroidery is do

Pre-Cut Applique Tutorial

The Merry Appliques #12525 embroidery collection features six Christmas-themed shapes in a modern style and embellished with matching buttons. Let’s take a look at how to prepare and stitch out one of these Merry Appliques for a Merry Applique Quilt

Monogram Placement

Monogramming is perhaps one of the most popular types of embroidery. Deciding exactly where to place the monogram can be challenging. Whether you are adding a traditional monogram or a creative embroidery design, here are some placement guidelines t

Using Templates for Embroidery Placement

When planning your embroidery project, you may wish to use a template to determine the exact placement of your design. Some embroidery design collections come with pre-printed templates. Remember that these templates are created at the design’s origi