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Machine Embroidery Thread Conversion Charts

Machine embroidery designs and patterns typically list a specific brand of thread for the colors. If your thread stash is a different brand, download these easy to read embroidery thread conversion charts for a few major thread manufacturers. Plea

Tips for Using Cotton Thread

Using 30-weight cotton thread in your machine in place of your standard embroidery thread should not cause concern. No adjustments are usually necessary. In the event that you do experience an increase in thread breaks, there are a couple of simple s

Building a Thread Collection - Getting Started with Isacord

Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned thread collector, it’s good to know what colors to have on hand that will allow you to complete projects on a whim. At OESD, we are big fans of Isacord thread. We use it exclusively for testing a

Facts About Isacord Embroidery Thread

General Isacord Thread Facts Isacord is colorfast to detergent, chlorine bleach, and light. Isacord has twice the strength of rayon thread. Isacord has superior abrasion resistance both when dry and when wet, which keeps embroidery looking new. Isa