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Tips and tricks from the OESD education team. Our experts share their knowledge to help you achieve the best results with your embroidery.


First Aid for Embroidery

It's a horrible feeling... one minute your machine is humming along, as your carefully selected embroidery design stitches out. It's exciting watching it come to life as the needle moves across the fabric. And then suddenly . . . disaster! The outlin

How To: Machine Embroidery on Hats

Laura from Trash to Couture shares her tips for machine embroidery on a baseball cap and wicker sun hat. by Laura Pifer, Trash to Couture May is finally here and we have a lot to look forward to these coming months. From Mother's Day to graduation

Needles and Threads Embroidery Tips

Needles and threads are two very important components for successful embroidery results. To form a stitch, the thread seesaws through the eye of a needle approximately 37 times. That is why it is critical that you use good quality needles and threads

How to Embroider a Cap

Just how do you embroider a cap on a home embroidery machine? This expert tutorial from OESD will show you! Once people find out you have an embroidery machine, you’ll probably get asked – “Can you stitch something on my hat?” You might want to, but

Hoopless Embroidery

As often as possible, fabric and stabilizer should be hooped together. This gives the best stability to the fabric and will create the best result. However, there are times when an item cannot be hooped. This may be because of the shape of the item,

How to Embroidery the Left Chest of a T-Shirt

Embroidering tees is fun and easy when you follow a few simple guidelines. In this video tutorial, we will go over tips for embroidering the left chest of a t-shirt. Embroidering tees is fun and easy when you follow a few simple guidelines. In this v

Luxe Sparkle Vinyl Outshines the Rest!

OESD Luxe Sparkle Vinyl is unlike other Sparkle products and designed with the embroiderer and sewist in mind. Multiple Applications Traditional applique, pre-cut or cut-in-place Freestanding applique projects Three-dimensional applique stru

Hooping for Machine Embroidery

The part of embroidery that requires the most skill, but has the greatest payback, is hooping. Properly hooping the fabric will yield the best results—matching outlines, pucker-free fabric, and smooth, neat stitching. 1. The first step to properly h

All About Embroidery Needles

Understanding the different parts of a needle, sometimes referred to as needle anatomy, will help you better understand what type of needle is appropriate for your embroidery project. There are several parts of the needle that are important to unders

Essential Embroidery Tools

The essential rundown of everything you need to know about these must-have embroiderer's tools. How many do you have in your sewing room?   Alligator Clamps By using a unique hinged jaw, these tweezers can easily grab and manipulate thread or fabric

Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Basics

Beautiful machine embroidery results begin with choosing the right stabilizer for your project. Stabilizer is the foundation for a successful embroidery project. It stabilizes the fabric and keeps it from moving, puckering, or stretching while embroi