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Tips for Embroidering on Different Materials

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Machine Embroidery on Knit Garments

by Laura Pifer, Trash to Couture One of my favorite things about machine embroidery is being able to update or customize clothing. You can give basic or old garments a refreshing new look this way. I had this cardigan in the "transform" bin for a whi

Embroidering on Ribbon

Add a touch of magical whimsy with these colorful embroidered ribbons. Creating these beautiful designer ribbons is a breeze, and they are sure to add decorative flair to any package or parcel. Using OESD’s HydroStick stabilizer allows for perfect

How to Embroider on Satin

Embroidering on satin or other slippery, shiny fabrics can be a challenge. The texture of satin can be shifty, and the shiny finish will show any puckers that may remain after embroidery. In most cases, the best stabilizer choice for satin is two la

Tips for Machine Embroidery on Velvet

Velvet is a luxurious fabric, but it can create problems for those trying to machine embroider on it. Velvet is stretchy and very easy to damage. Machine embroidery is particularly sensitive on velvet because the pile affects how the embroidery desig

Tips for Embroidering on Special Fabrics

Do you want to embroider some outfits or projects, but are not sure about embroidering on different types of fabrics? It is always good to do a test sew-out first before stitching on your final fabric, especially if you haven’t sewn on that type of f

How To Machine Embroider Denim Jeans

by Laura Pifer, Trash to Couture I love the look of embroidery on garments. It's a fun way to customize basics and add color and designs. Lately, I've seen many ready-to-wear looks embellished with machine embroidery, mainly on denim garments. Denim

All About Minkee

Minkee® fabrics are polyester microfiber plush knits. The names Minky, Minkee and Minkie are commonly used for this type of fabric. The name Minkee is the actual name given by Benartex Fabrics. You will see the fabric called Minkee & Me®, Minkee Z

Machine Embroidery on Cozy Blankets

by Laura Pifer, Trash to Couture I like to design projects that are simple enough but also one-of-a-kind. That's why I love machine embroidery, it makes customizing gifts easy and fun. I want to share how to embroider a monogram on thick fle

How to Embroider A T-Shirt

Read this tutorial on how to machine embroider a design on a t-shirt. Supplies OESD's Word Art #12770 embroidery collection OESD Fusible Polymesh CutAway Stabilizer OESD StitcH2O WashAway OESD Gentle Touch Backing (optional) Expert Embroidery